While many of websites still struggling to win over Google’s Panda update last year, there have been plenty of ideas that have been shared by experts on how to really get past its effects. I for one have shielded by myself with other worthwhile, relevant content on my campaigns and invigorated some old techniques with better and contemporary approaches. I did shift to infographics and similar sorts that would require people to really engage with us. It paved a way for better marketing that some of the usual acceptable ways in seo and linkbuilding have become just the things of the past.

And just before this week ends, I was yet greeted by an article by Distilled and Content Marketing Institute about last year’s announcement of Coca Cola of their move from creative ideas to content marketing. Tom Critchlow tackled bright and sound ideas about the “hotness” of content marketing right now and how we should harness and use it on our own campaigns. He cited there, how other sites and brands had already moved toward content marketing and its power. From that the post he shared 4 things that we can learn out of these things about content marketing. Read his article so to know about the four takeaways as I will not talk about them here.

Moving back to Coca Cola, their ideas shared in the videos below for me is unprecedented and purely out of the box knowing the reach they already had with their brand, the magnitude of their market and the age of the company. It made me think that, why Coca Cola, as a big and reputable company, would really invest in the thing us SEO’s are using with our very limited source of funding to keep creative people from beating off every limit and our skilled hires to get off their usual targets. I am even puzzled at the thought that Coke is trying to overpass its competitors in terms of SEO when in fact even without SEO they can surpassed even non-competitors when SEO is concerned.

So, are the ideas shared here worth using on SEO? Oh, yes it is. In fact many of the ideas present in the videos are the same ones we have been doing and using for years already. And storytelling, engagement, and interaction are the principles us SEO’s are cored upon. We made content in so many different ways and manners trying to get the attention of people and lead them to whatever it is we want them to be led to. However, as I mentioned last year in my previous post about Panda, “content is no longer king; great content is.” So the challenge here is for Coca cola is for them to create these stories in a way that passed the guidelines for their own measures of greatness. It has always been a challenge for us.
The problem with us most SEO’s is that we box ourselves and our ideas into a certain notion that we can only work and our efforts should only be confined into the normal changes and trends of the “Search Engine.” I believe though, that all things on the net are now conspiring and becoming interconnected. Look at how social media transformed social sharing. Look at how videos captured the limelight of the once on the realms of the boob tube. Things evolve and our reaction to this evolution as SEO’s is to adapt.

How can we be able to win this content marketing era then? I have set some suggestions here that we can do. Shoot a comment if you have other ideas to share.

1. Think out of the box. We need to think differently. I see content marketing as something unlike a bow and arrow where you can only set to a particular target. Content marketing for me is more of a Gatling gun that shoots bullets into different direction at a speed of who knows what. Content marketing is a big thing for me and I look at it in a bird’s eye view rather than in a perspective view. Looking at it this way allows me to venture to different opportunities that I can exploit to win my objective. When I linkbuild, I always think that what I give people are good choice of content that they can consume and can share. Yes, it’s good to have a better link profile and great number of links, but we are missing the point when we don’t give ourselves a shot at the thinking that in one way or another, our link building efforts can simply become void when we miss the real objective we have. It’s like saying that instead of following the trail of the search engine; why not make a way so search engines will follow your trail because of the amazing interaction and engagement that instead of just a link pointing to your site, they can sense real people talking about your product or visiting your website and all. The video below about enlightenment just speaks of the things about it.

2. Harness ideas, put them into action and be confident about it. When Steve Jobs regained controlled of his company Apple in the mid 90’s, he don’t have the most unique idea. He is not about to build a breakthrough gadget. He will reinvent most of the existing gadget available to man. But what he did was to still pursue with his idea, put it into action and confidently faced the people about his reinventions.

3. Be responsive, use disagreement and turn it into neutral playground. I always do this to gain the approval of my clients. By presenting people something can disagree about, you can share something of an idea that will look good to unite the disagreement eventually leading them to agree altogether. On many of my Facebook campaigns, I always tell my point persons to never delete or ignore negative comments as it can be used to draw answers and eventually turn it into a positive thing. For content marketing, it’s always good that what we do will always tackle the interest of the people we want to target and often, we use some forms of provocations in order to deal with their disagreements that often come out to be a better way to solicit conversations.

Content marketing has been around for quite a number of years already but its peak potential like other campaigns on SEO are still not yet reached. So, I agree with Tom that content marketing is now and if we don’t start do this now we’ll reap much failure in the future.

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