This is just a short blog entry by the way, a warning to those who got used to my previous posts that were too bit lengthy.

Last year, we have witnessed how Facebook shifted to Timeline. We have heard and read several opinions about the change; some are bad and some are good. I was too amused by my Timeline that I stopped listening to the negative opinions and gave it a month try. And I ended up staying with it (I don’t have any choice anyway). By that time, I started to think what about the Pages?

Just today, I received an email from ShortStack. It is an announcement of their applications readiness to a possible shift of Facebook pages to Timeline. I for one, having several Facebook pages owned and maintained, felt quite a little worried as I use tabs and other applications for my social media campaigns. Last month, I remembered talking about this possibility to a friend and now I am seeing it rolling out slowly.

So what do we expect here?

1. Your old tabs will still work on the new Timeline though it might not look good as the Timeline will be using 810px of page size rather than the usual 520px. One of my pages displayed a tab on timeline but it was centered. ShortStack says their application now supports this.

2. That you can now put a Cover Photo for your page (company) which should be 815 x 315 px big. Not so fast though, I know what you are thinking with this but before you go and proceed with working with your cover photo consider this post.

Here are the sizes for your guide:

Cover image: 815x315px
Profile picture: 180x180px
Custom apps: 810px wide
Custom app icons: 111x74px

3. Unfortunately, you can no longer set default landing tabs with the new timeline for non-fans. Thus, you will no longer have the same options as before leading your fans to subscribe your page and then will be directed to a page where they can get coupon codes and other perks. However, ShortStack said fan-gating will still be an “option” as “visibility settings are still alive and kicking.” Their suggested reading on how to use the new design.

4. Other applications will also be added to pages with this new Timeline implementation. As of posting time, I saw that one of my pages already has an enabled “Messages Tab” but I still don’t know how I will be able to send to it. It currently has no messages yet.

5. Because Timeline is still on the mid stage of development, there are still several bugs that they still need to fix. One problem encountered is when you like a page on Timeline, it does not refresh. You can view your page on Timeline but it could be great if you don’t activate it yet. To give you more ideas on what they are working now refer to the developer’s page.

That’s it for now and I give you this video:

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