Most of the mobile phones that are offered nowadays in the market are mostly almost capable of communicating over the net. (This first line from this post and the title has been typed and posted through a mobile phone.) Mobile versions of website thus is needed so to cater to people who frequently travels with their smart phones.

I visited a local bank website through a Samsung phone and I was surprised that I was actually using a mobile version of the site. To add to my amazement the website was as secure as the normal one. It allowed me to access my e-account using my found and I have transferred funds from my account to my Paypal.

Facebook, twitter, and many other social networking sites are now becoming as accessible by making mobile versions of their websites. Why is there need for you to create a mobile website then?

The answer is simple. You need to have a mobile version of your site so users can access your site through a mobile phone without them thinking about the resolution or the download time they needed before they can fully see your site. Mobile versions contains lesser scripts and nodes that makes it more faster to load than a normal website. Mobile versions can also be redesigned in a way that the resolution or the template design is just exactly as big as most screen of current smart phones.

So in your projects, consider creating a mobile version of your site so your site can still be browsed even by using smart phones or similar gadgets.

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