After more than a year, we have decided to revive the website and be back to business. However, part of the change is the dropping of the old blog (which will become the personal blog of Joseph) and the creation of a new one.

Having worked in the industry for more than 8 years, I saw how industry people are keen of having their works featured and talked about. I believe, this desire is at some point, fuels our passions in our chosen crafts.

SO, for a short period, I have decided to open this new blog to public. I will be requesting and publishing guest posts from people/bloggers who are willing to share their experiences in the industry and their jobs.

Here are some of the topics/interests that we will be considering posting:

a. SEO – Technical SEO, organic SEO, updates, etc.

b. PPC/SEM – Anything about paid campaigns etc.

c. Blogging – content production, copywriting, etc.

d. Social Media Marketing – including Ads

e. Link Acquisition – (doh) the new link building…

f. Any topic that might be good i.e. web design, aesthetic, e-commerce marketing etc.

Here are some of the perks the author will get once the post is approved for publication:

1. Allow 2 links: 1. Within Author’s BIO 2. Within body (could be citation to a source, previous post etc.)

2. 7 days promotion of the post and the author’s blog to our channels.

3. Plus a #BBR T-shirt!!! (Thanks, Gold)

If you deem this to be awesome, contact me at and give me some love!


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