Since the introduction of Twitter as a microblogging website, many people embraced its communication capability that even many politicians, celebrities and head of states willfully signed up. This year, the website has even been joked by Pres. Obama as a replacement to the Red Phone that once connects Washington and Moscow during the Cold War. This comment was made by the US President when he and Russian Pres. Dmitry Medvedev exchange twitter accounts. Until now, twitter is still the main source of scoops, news, and gossips and many news outlets still use the trending topic sidebar in a Twitter site to compose their stories.

But a study conducted has unleashed a rather ironic results of Twitter. The survey has been initiated by a Toronto based social media analytics company Sysomos. The study focused on the posts made from August to September 2009. Researchers found out that 71% of the posts were left not replied and not retweeted making it comparable to a waste posts. A post from Sysomos reveals some figures that will leave you thinking whether Twitter is still that useful in your marketing or it is now the right time to go back to the old schemes. Here is the video that will show the relationship of a Twitter post to the retweets and replies with small dots being the tweets.


Retweets and Replies on Twitter

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